We are a health and wellbeing program that builds healthy habits in kids and families

What are we facing?

The proportion of children who are overweight and obese has more than quadrupled since 1975

Numerous detrimental health habits take root during childhood.

Black and minority ethnic, immigrant and deprived families have lower health literacy about healthy habits

What is our solution?

Health Heroes is a transformative programme designed to challenge school children aged 6+ to cultivate health and wellbeing habits and extend this positive influence to families. Whereas health education is traditionally confined to classrooms, our initiative encourages children to apply their learning to their everyday lives and adopts a holistic approach that actively involves families. Our program is based off a successful initiative established in New Zealand.

Poor health literacy has the "strongest correlation to ill health". Through schools, we are committed to educating and empowering children and families, especially those from underprivileged communities with lower health literacy, to enhance public understanding of healthy practices and tackle health disparities. We believe that a child's health is the cornerstone of their ability to learn, grow, and thrive.

Meet our team...

We are Andre and Laura, a doctor and teacher from Homerton College, University of Cambridge, who are passionate about addressing inequalities in health and education.

...and our supporters

Health Heroes is an initiative supported by the Changemakers Catalyst Fund and the Ivan Baines Prize, generously provided by Homerton Changemakers (Homerton College, University of Cambridge) in partnership with Cambridge Wireless, and Rupert Baines.

Interested in having Health Heroes in your school?

Email us at healthheroesproject(at)gmail.com or find us on twitter @HealthHeroesPrj

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