Wan an!

I'm Wellbeing Wendi.

Caring for our mood and mental wellbeing is important, including getting enough rest! I find it tricky to focus in class, but it's harder when I'm tired. Let's get 9-12 hours sleep every night.

Getting enough sleep every night helps you

Tips for getting enough sleep

Check out these 2 in 1 ideas that help you sleep well!

Get two challenges ticked off at once!

Engage your brain

Use this calculator to work out your bedtime to get enough sleep

Engage your brain

Try a family board game like scrabble before heading to bed

Engage your brain

Reading in bed helps you prepare for sleeping

Engage your brain

Listen to an informative podcast before going to sleep

Get active

Regular exercise can help you go to sleep (but not within 90 minutes of going to bed)

Other ways to improve your mental wellbeing

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