Programme Materials

Here you will find resources you can use to implement the Health Heroes Challenge in your classroom or family

General resources

Health Heroes Portfolio.pdf

Children can use this portfolio to record what they have done each day to achieve the five challenges

Health Heroes Points Tracker.pdf

Children can use this to track the number of points they acheive throughout the challenge.

Health Heroes Poster.pdf

Poster explaining the Health Heroes and their five challenges

Health Heroes - Information for Parents and Caregivers

Information explaining the Health Heroes Challenge for parents


Health Heroes Certificate of Achievement.pdf

For pupils who have achieved 25 points every week for the duration of the challenge (5 weeks)

Health Heroes Certificate of Participation.pdf

For all other pupils that have participated in the challenge

Links to national curriculum

Health Heroes Links to UK Curriculum.pdf

Links to the UK national curriculum

Health Heroes Links to Irish Curriculum.pdf

Links to the Irish national curriculum

Interested in having Health Heroes at your school?

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