How the challenge works

Health Heroes is a flexible programme that can be adapted however teachers and parents think best. Below is some general guidance on how to undertake the challenge.

The basic rules

The points system

The end of the program

How to join

Parents & Caregivers

If you would like your child to be a part of the Health Heroes Challenge, please first approach your school and ask a teacher if they would like to run the program and/or put us in touch with them. Your child will be more motivated to undertake the challenge and build long term healthy habits if their peers are also doing it also. If your school is unwilling to join the program, your child can still take on the challenge using our resources on the For Parents & Caregivers and Program Materials pages.


Headteachers and principals should appoint a health heroes coordinator (e.g. teacher) who will oversee the challenge at the school. The coordinator will send parents and caregivers the information they need for the child to undertake the Health Heroes challenge. This challenge is also simple enough that it can be overseen by senior primary school students at a school (e.g. a school club formed of years 5 and 6 students supervised by a teacher).

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