What's the Health Heroes Challenge?

Achieve five challenges everyday for five days a week!

A fun way to develop healthy habits in your family!

"a hit with children"

Katie Bellwood

PSHE lead at Swaffham Prior & Swaffham Bulbeck Primary

Meet the health heroes

Click on each hero to find out more about becoming a health hero yourself!

I'm about eating well

I'm happy and well rested

I like exercise and being active

I enjoy engaging my brain

I love helping others

What are the five challenges?

Eat 5 fruit and veg

Get 9-12 hours sleep

Exercise 30 mins

Engage your brain

Help others

Get one point for every challenge you complete a day! The goal is 25 points every week for five weeks (use weekends to catch up on any missing points). Find out more!

Interested in having Health Heroes at your school?

Email us at healthheroesproject(at)gmail.com or find us on twitter @HealthHeroesPrj

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Health Heroes is an initiative supported by the Changemakers Catalyst Fund and the Ivan Baines Prize, generously provided by Homerton Changemakers (Homerton College, University of Cambridge) in partnership with Cambridge Wireless, and Rupert Baines.

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